currently known as COMOT

what do my close buddies call me?

mel: puan, la~zelia
mahesh: eelz
sha & the gang: naz (honestly i hate this one)
the rest: just plain ol' elia
my matahari: that's a secret *wink*

i'm not a sexybomb, i'm just ..
+ potentially malignant medical student
+ psychogenically dependant on music
+ loves the sound of the guitar
+ have strong feelings towards everything
+ easily distracted
+ hates rules
+ responsible for own actions
+ hates being envious
+ imaginative
+ good sense of humour
+ likes to be loved (honestly who doesn't?)
+ finds it hard to trust someone
+ easily hurt

Cursed Ogre from the Mysterious Ominous Tower

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life as a solitary

seronok ka? <<---- someone asked me ...
takkan takdak boyfriend kot <<---- ayy,takkan tak percaya ... sapala nak muka camni
hey, ur quite an interesting person, i cant believe ur still single <<---- aku ketuk kepala kang ...
umoq dah tua, takdak calon lagi ka <<--- tua sgt ka being 26 ... muda lagik hapa ..

All these questions keep on bugging me for the past few days. Apsal ntah. Susah hati sgt ka kawan korang ni single lagi. Sapala nak pompuan sibuk mcm muka aku ni. Dahla comot 24jam, muka tak pernah terpalit make-up pun, berminyak lagi ada la.

Tell u the truth, after i broke up with my boyfriend, i tried to indulge in another relationship ... si muka tak malu ni meluahkan isi hati dia kart someone ... and in the end, kena reject ... malu nya, Tuhan saje yang tahu. Since then, i never put a hope in anyone, not even interested to indulge in another relationship. Why eh? Someone again asked me.... giving up oledi? Ntahla, rasa terlalu merendah diri ... i feel like i'm not born to be with anyone except my parents. Gila aarr ... ive lost interest towards guys? I dunno ...

I keep on voluntaring for alternate day night calls just to keep myself busy. My friend once told me to apply for leave. I did but just to end up in my dad's clinic, doing locum. I even plan to adopt a child. I even plan to buy a condo for myself, in fact, i did sign up for one. I plan for everything except getting married ....

Getting married is none of my business ...

Anyway, ive started new posting. The most relaxing one ... orthopaedic. Since i'm oh-so free, i plan to take belly dancing class ... bley slim wooo .... heh ...

Anyway ... selamat hari raya everyone. Maaf zahir batin ....

p/s: i got prob in updating my blog since i'm using a dial-up one at home .. susah sket nak update.

miss comot @ 10/27/2006 07:37:00 PM


the day when im a gradie grad brat

and the pitchas tell it all .....

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miss comot @ 9/24/2006 09:31:00 AM


when i got my first pay ... hohohoho!!!!

i was well darn broke in the first 2 months when i start working until ..

there's one sweet day after my 'bebel' session with Mel regarding my pay, i went to check out how much money left in bank when ....hohoho!!!AT LAST, I CAN SLEEP WELL!!!! My first gaji which was paid 3 months straight makes me feel like im the richest one in the whole world .. erk,my own world ... ;p

3 months pay not really worth of my job, really ... biasak la ... keja gomen... pepandaila nak buat part time .. i did a part time job actually, huhu ... tanak bagitau lelebey, kang kantoi plak ...

For such pay, i bought my mum her fav white Clark sandal .. she deserved it since she has been walking here and there just to find rezeki for us, and now she deserved the most comfy shoes so that she can walk comfortly. For me dad, i plan to buy him the new Samsung slim handphone. Baru riki2 harga la ... prolly next month, ill buy him that handphone. For all i know, my dad really had bad taste in chosing handphone. Selalu gi beli hp pun sengsorang, tanak kasitau org, then terus kena 'kapak' aa ngan tauke kedai. Hp hampeh gilos, tapi mahal nak mampus, heh ... what i plan is i'm gonna 'curi' his current hp, i'll trade in that hp and buy a new one. When he first knew that i passed my exam, he bought me a Pocket PC. That makes me own a total of 2 hp currently, including my Sony Ericsson ... gila poyo! hehehehe!!! So, i think, i'm gonna pay him back ...

Last week, i changed my car audio to a latest Clarion MP3 player. For this one, it has been my dream for ages. Boleh tahan aa mahal, tapi pueh ati .. hehe ..

And yeah, not to forget, a shopping spree in Penang on last megasale ... ;p

I spent too much,am i?

But i never forget to at least save some money in ASB since i plan to buy my own house before i started to have any responsibility ... pepaham je la ...

My next plan will be ...
1) a nice spa
2) i need facial treatment since my face now looks like kawah gunung berapi ... full of jerawatz!
3) start M.A.C make up collection
4) buy new jeans
5) again, try to save money ...

How bout u guys???? How do u guys spend ur first pay?

p/s: i dunt have enough guts to write a long post since i've been working days and night for the past 15 days. I'm thankful enough cos i start losing weight without a need for dieting or binge-eating. penat sey ....

till then, adios migos!!!

miss comot @ 9/16/2006 12:27:00 PM


the day when i get a year older

August is reaching its end ..
To be exact, it has been more than a month since i updated my blog ..
Hell alot ...

For a start, i had to admit that my lappie broke down due to severe infection from dunno-wut virus .. jadik mereng kejap la laptop aku .. i got no time to make ma own backup file for everything in my lappie, so i had it sent for re-boot at the nearest computer shop for rm70 service. Dunt care la, janji lappie aku sihat walafiat ... Two weeks of service deserve a satisfying result. I had every file backed-up and here it is now .. to serve it's master for blogging purpose .. hehehe!! ;p

I got a year older on 3rd of Aug. My dad got me a stethoscope for kiddos. Kecik jek steth tu. I can use it for my next Peadiatric posting. My mum plak, she bought me my fav Guy Laroche white wallet. Happy la .. janji ada dompet baru untuk hari raya .. hehehe (as if i got cuti for Raya .. berangan jek). To cut short, my family made a surprise party for me .. although i was tired on that day, not thinking of anything but sleep, i was happy that at least someone remembered my birthday. Someone asked me what is my wish for my birthday, i told them, i need a new boyfriend ... hahaha!!! i'm such a desperado ... ;p

There's a night when i had my on-call and had to take care of 30 sickos (erk, i mean, sick people). I met with someone with a really weird familiar name. Nama dia pelik sket, that's why i remember his name well. Dr Attiki, the guy whom my mum really wants me to marry with. My mum ni match-maker. Tapi pepaham je la. I believe in marriage based on love. And i know there's no spark between us. I dont have feelings for him at all. Kawan boley aa .. nak sampai kawin tu .. i don't think so..

I'm currently working in nephro ward... as for layman, it's ward for patient with kidney problem. i has been always busy since my first day of working in the ward. Besides, i'm not oh-so lucky cos i got a very lazy partner whom hardly appear for work, always on emergency leave (konon), everytime oso accident tapi tak mati pun (haha!jahat tul aku), and as a result, i have to settle all his work each time since we're doing our duty in the same ward together. Sehari dua boleh la cover, tapi hari2 nak kena cover dia, rasa cam kena bully la pulak .. nasib ..nasib.... plus, my boss is andartu .. pepaham je la ... moody 24 jam ... salah sket, kena sembur .. tak salah pun kena sembur jugak ..sabo je la ... heh ...

Anyway, it's a normal phenomena when housemen started losing their weight day by day due to their busy routine work. As for me, ive gained 4kgs!!!!!!!! gila aa ... i got big thigh now with enlarging non-muscular but full of fat arms. i started eating like a piggies and bloating like a mad cow ... my mum told me to eat more since i look thin but i dont think ill do that cos i hardly can wear my tight-fitting jeans anymore ... memalukan ... cheh ...

Apa pun, ill be graduating next month (at last!!!)... my boss gave my 4 days leave so that i can attend my graduation day. Ayy, best betoi ... it has been awhile since i met all my friends. Mel told me she lost 4kgs while i'm gaining 4kgs .. hehe! Benny said he also sudah kurus ... ayy... aku jugak yg dah gemuk ... tak boley jadik ni, musti kuruskan badan sebelum graduation... ;p

I'm outta here ... my body smells stink and i need a shower ...

i wanted to upload some pixies ... tapi photobucket buat hal la plak ...

Later then ...

miss comot @ 8/29/2006 07:53:00 PM


im a dead zombie

Ithas been almost a month since i started working in Alor Setar hospital. To be exact, they've put me in medical department for a start .. and i'm the only fresh houseman there. yang lain tu sumer dah terrer2 ... aku jek yg terkebil2 kart sana. I'm currently in charge in female's ward. Most of my collegue told me how lucky i am to start in medical team, instead pf surgical or obs n gynae's ..bla bla bla .. i just hope so. There's lotsa things to be learn. I tell you what, i have no experience at all dealing with emergency situation. I had my tagging sessions with specialists for only 7 days when i was asked to start on my first on-call at the busiest acute ward ever. Darn! My first experience seeing patient collapsed in front of me was a nightmare! I really don't know what to do and that time i realized how stupid i am for being so 'gelabah'. All i could do is doing the first ABC emergency management and then called my M.o's for a help. The patient died in my hand .. i regret it for the rest of my life. My collegue told me to take it easy since ill be experiencing few more deaths among patients after this and i'll get used to it. As my on-calls' progresses and so do i .. i shall say that i'm used to it. My friends called me 'malaikat maut' cos whenever i'm around, there'll be sudden death among my patients ... hey! i'm not that kind of angel, mmkay ... i wish i could be guardian angel instead of watching other people dying .. i know shouldnt have symphatize or have guilty feelings whenever i can't save my patients cos it's against professionalism but doctors are just human beings rite?

Anyway, after experiencing another asystole patients with almost 30mins of CPR non-stop yesterday,iapplied for leave for 4 days straight .. i need a break .. penat giloss aa ... on-call every alternate days, working 24hrs non-stop ... hish ...

And so, saya pergi ber'gumba-yaya' in Thailand, doing what i love most ... SHOPPING!!!!! ;p

i just got back from Haadyai actually, waiting for my PDA's to finish downloading medical stuffs cos it'll be very useful for me as a houseman. Huhu!

And now i know why certain housemans' including me are still single ... cos the only strong reason is .... BUSY! Giler aa .. kengkadang tu, nak gi kencing pun tak sempat ... apatah lagi nak makan ...

And i now know why many housemans missed their studying time alot ... and i shall say ... i miss my college time too ... and i miss all my friends alot!!!

I'm outta here since i can't think of anything to share with u guys here except sleep .. hehe! so, take care! i'll be back ... dunno when la ... but i'll still be .. cheerio!

miss comot @ 7/13/2006 01:27:00 PM


i'm gonna start working next week ... bleerrgghh!!!

I was waiting for my baggage in LCCT after my arrival from Bali when i received a call from my sis.She told me this ... "wei mangkuk, ang dapat kerja kart hospital yang ang tamau sangat keja". It was a slap on my face. "hospital aloq staq ka?", i asked her."Ha la, mana lagi ... padan muka ang..kua kua kua", she laughed hard at me. Cis ...

I can give you hundreds of reason why i really couldn't think of how am i going to work in Alor Setar hosp. First things first, i had my medical check up done there 2 days before i fly to Indon. I have to say that this hospital is the busiest one i've ever seen being compared to Penang or Melaka. Macam pasar malam, i tell you. No wonder la they sent me there even when i put Alor Setar as my 3rd choice. Secondly, ive been trained since Form 1 to start living independantly. And at the age of 26, i have no choice but to start living with my parents again. It's kinda awkward to me cos i started doing things on my own for years but now, ive have no choice but back to the root... adoi ...

Thirdly, my father is a well-known person in that hospital since he used to work there for 13years. Almost everyone in the hospital including the pengarah knows him. Once everyone got to know that i'm going to start working there, they told my dad they're going to 'bully' me.heh ... bully macam mana tu tataula .. hopefully, bully yang menguntungkan ... *ade ke bully berfaedah heh?* Between, if i ever done anything yang sangat memalukan, they'll start thinking of how stoooopid i am and u know la, as usual, comparison btw a father and his daughter will be the one they could ever talked about.

3 reasons are enough. Ive got lots more but if i ever want to list 'em down here. it'll take more than a day. I know i'm not going to get paid from 3 months from the 1st day i start working and i have no choice but to economically dependant on my parents for another 3 months. The worst thing i cud ever think of is that as a shopaholic, Alor Setar is the worst place to shop.. pergghh!!!

Anyway, i've jotted full notes about my journey from Solo to Yogjakarta (the earthquake area) and my last stop at Bali. I'll try my best to have those posted here including pictures ASAP since i couldn't do it for the time being. Ive been busy with my new gadget after PS2 plus preparations before i start working. What i wish for now is a new most comfy shoes that i could use to walk around wards. And yeah, new doctor's coats too. Yang lama tu dah kekuningan ... i can't let patients think how comot i am if they saw me with dirty coats. heh..

chiao for now ... i'm going to have a new haircut after this ... botak syndrome overwhelmed me eversince i had it blonde-coloured .. tu la, nak jadik omputih sgt, tamau rambut hitam .. dah botak ni, sape yg susah .. ;p

miss comot @ 6/12/2006 03:48:00 PM


short post

i shall say here im in a hurry ... huhuh!! mum's waiting for family dinner ;p

ayy ... susah tul la nak gi cc ...

i'm doing extremely o.k nowadays.hey, starting new journey is not that bad after all. i'm currently busy doing my mum's job, helping her in her shop and all as she's leaving a week earlier to jogja before i do and i have to take over her shop before my sister came back for a holiday. i'm doing a countdown here.hehe!!! it's gonna be ..let's say .. a week more before i fly to Indonesia!! yippie! lama sey tak gi jalan2. i told my mum i really wanna see a volcano .. an active one. she agreed and we've planned to do a few hours picnic few kilometres from the volcano area to watch Gunung Merapi. I wish i could own a nice digicam to capture the moment.

hey, fyi, i've already been like this .. menganggur and mem'bina' badan for 3 months already ... tsk,tsk .. takut gak tak dapat keja .. but what i heard from one of my friend, we're only going to start working in July. For me, there's a pro and contra here. i have extra times to be with my family. and the not-so-good thing is that i'm extremely short of money right now. Now i know how it feels like to be so jobless. Nak mintak duit from my mum mmg segan sket aa.. keje kart kedai dia mmg tak harap langsung pasal gaji. At least, i know this is the right time to help her whenever i could. bila lagi nak balas jasa mama,kan? ;)

For the past 3 months, i've been watching almost 20 Korean Dramas, 2 Spanish telenovela and i've finished 5 RPG games recommended by Mel and the PS2 dvd shop owner. hehehe!!! i've got two ugly eyebags and lotsa hairloss with white hairs on my head. I'm getting old, am I? My mum mmg bising la. She told me i'm supposed to let myself rest and pampered myself with sleep. I'm straining myself with those games and dramas instead. huhu!!

There's lotsa stuff to share with u guys tapi dah lupa la ... ;p

So, i guess, this will be it.

I'm gonna enjoy the backpacking trip next week. Shopping will be my priority there. heheh!!

To EL, selamat pengantin baru. Sorry for i couldn't be there. Kena jaga kedai la wak ..

p/s: i wish there's someone who could be my next movie partner. i'm dying to watch Da Vinci's Code and X-Men .... Reen, jom tgk wayang nak?

miss comot @ 5/24/2006 07:36:00 PM


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